Friday, July 5, 2013

4th of July

Victoria Memorial

Buckingham Palace: Whats really there to see? :/

Between Green Park and the palace

Guards marching up and down the stable: It was funny. I laughed, then told my self I shouldn't. But then I laughed anyway cz they were soo funny!

And took lots of pictures :D

Goodness! They coronate their flagposts!

Statue: King George VI and Queen consort Elizabeth

Pretty Fountains!

Traditional English wear! <3

Twinings House!

Somerset House: Cool place, literally :)

On Thames bridge: Left side- The Shard

Right side: Big Ben and the London Eye (below)

Somewhere around this time I really got lost, ( i wanted to get to covent garden), when I saw


Silver grass! Whatever the plant is really called :P

:D :D :D :D

Covent Garden: Hilarious magician

Had lunch here! What did I have? Next blog post ;)

Found Sagar!

And my husband had a very contented dinner :D

Day ended with Meteor sighting!! yippee!! :D


  1. your blogs and pictures make one feel that they are in london with you. Keep writing. cheers :)

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  3. Papa and Mumma have been telling me to comment....
    so here....your blog makes us feel we are in London! You write with such perfectionism!!!! Also use such wity lines....:p