Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Day of Arrival

When I looked both Punjabi and South Indian. (I am neither)

From IGI to Heathrow: Highlights-

  • "Duty free" is largely over-hyped
  • Starbucks is not
  • Sleep is precious, at about 600 rs./hour/person
  • "Upgrade" in Air India culture means "just-buy-a-fresh-full-price-business-class-ticket"
  • I am asked by two different co passengers if I am "Punjabi" and "south Indian", as apparently, I look both.
  • Immigration counters have more that an hour and a half of wait before I get my turn. 
  • I do not need to show her the invitation letter as long as I "know what my husband does" here. 
  • Air India staff just forgets to keep some of the baggage on the conveyer belt and just leaves it on the floor near the start of the belt. Doesn't inform anyone. No AI presence at Heathrow for Baggage inquiries where all other airlines had their counters.
  • *Bloody hell, London summers are chilly!!* 
  • It is really disorienting to have the sun up till 9-10 pm.
  • It feels nice to able to sit, jump, dance anywhere, no one wears the judges hat.
  • Misplaced wallet comes back to you at times
  • Dinner at home. Husband relishes Indian food I brought along.

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